What The People Say

The saying of “imiti ikula empanga” no longer carry or signify its rightful meaning. It now appears to be “imiti ikula empanga bo chelako amalasha abakalamba”. The future of the young ones and the youth begs on streets as it’s daily being trampled upon by those who are supposed to protect it. The future of imiti ikula is being ‘used’ by those who wish accelerate their political or business mileage.

As Chishimba Kasanga and Sitenta Davies put it below:

“Young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising the banners of freedom.”-Nelson Mandela

Imiti Ikula empanga”-Bemba proverb

 On March 12th, Zambia commemorated this year’s youth day under the theme “Youth champion of dialogue, peace, unity and economic emancipation”. It is a day designed to celebrate Zambian youths and reflect on their crucial role in the self-sufficiency of the nation.

As per tradition, youths from all over the country where expected to engage in various celebratory activities to their day, these activities range from marching, sports tournaments, charitable works and beer drinking.

Youth day is an important commemoration in Zambia, as it reminds the youth that they are a valuable and important resource towards the development of the country.

But after youth day what next? What next after the promissory yet empty long speeches, that sing the importance of youths empowerment towards a better tomorrow,-Imiti ikula empanga?

50 golden years of reciting speeches and holding of march-past has not Zambian youth closer to the dream of our forefathers. Many young Zambians remain victims to the plagues of poverty.

While everyone is in the jovial mode of “Youth day”, it is rather important that we take this time to reflect on how far we have come and how much longer we have to go as a country to secure a better future. Highlighting the plights would bring our sensory memories of the history appended to this day.

The number one challenge being faced by many youths is the lack of employment. Attaining university education does not guarantee one of finding employment; the job market is a rough field for us.

Employers want suitable candidates for employment with a minimum of at least five years working experience. However, where will these graduates acquire that experience when domestic firms do not provide mere internships? How in the world, do they expect a university graduate to get five years working experience when they do not even offer unpaid internship for college/university students while in school? The harsh realities of just finding internship are synonymous to poverty.

While others may argue to say that, the youths should not focus on looking for white-collar job but strive to create employment opportunities for themselves and others. The question remains, where are they supposed to get the capital to start the business? How will they be innovative when in the first place the academic fraternity does not emphasis on developing entrepreneurship abilities?

It is one thing-telling people to think outside the box and become entrepreneurs, but providing them with the investment capital to start-up their business, now that is a different ball game all together. Sadly, none of these is chiefly stressed in the education syllabus.

For others, youth day is a day like any other day nothing special about it. They still have no money to go to school, they still sleep on an empty stomach, they still have unpaid bills. They still swim in the vicious cycle effect of poor leadership.

Therefore, watching someone behind the television screens, telling them that they are leaders for tomorrow is mockery of the highest degree. Because they are deprived of the opportunities to prove themselves and reality tells them otherwise.

“Youth day” should  not be more than a cliché of marching and reading long monotonous speeches, but a day to  implement practical schemes that will once empower  the youth to reach their full potential  in driving the country in the direction of economic development. Youths are a backbone of every nation state’s health and wealth.

Thus far, we have moved a centimetre forward and a kilometre backwards in terms of effecting youth empowerment and social justice on issues of universal education. In fact, Zambia being ranked as one of the countries with a free falling economy is an indication of how much the leadership has failed the nation. The current situation at the higher institution of education (UNZA&CBU) reveals the unchecked priorities of the state.  Nevertheless, if we continue to leave out the allied youths into the equation of sustainable development, then economic stagnation is our best allay for centuries to come.

Youth day what next? It is time to implement the highlighted in those youth day speeches. It is time for the government to provide a fertile breeding ground for the youth to unleash their potential. Otherwise, “youth day” will remain a day in March for a youth march-past. From the North to the south and from the East to the West ‘imiti ikula” are striving after the wind

Internal Life Audit

This time of the year is crucial as I am doing an Internal Life Audit. Examining every bit of second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year; step by step from the time I have been living on my own. Just trying to see if what I have been busy doing is worth living for and counter checking if what I am about to do is worth risking my life for.

I want to note the bright areas of my life and the factors that contributed to that brightness. I also want to see how best I can continue to perpetuate the bright days. I will be counting all the blessings and joys experienced ever since I was born and see if it is worth worrying for the few difficult times. All the opportunities received and utilized, all the opportunities received but failed to grab them; I will audit.

Furthermore, I want to know the things I would have done differently in my life, marriage, faith, social and work life to achieve the maximum benefits. Yes, I want to know the things I should have not done that actually landed me where I am or caused me loss of opportunities. All those things I should have avoided, I want to know.

I want look at life in depth and make amends. Everything that is not helping I drop. Everything not beneficial, I leave behind. I just want to embrace things and people that benefit me, my family, my faith, my community and country. All unnecessary friendship, I will teach and assist to look at life in my new way of life. It’s a me time. It’s me rediscovering me.

Yes, I am doing this to find out where I ended and where I should now begin from. I want to find out why I ended there instead of here. I want to see why I stopped instead of not continuing to move ahead. It is audit time and I am planning for a new life glorious with laughter and pretty please. A new working day routine and place is on my paper right now. It is time to progress – it’s time to climb the mountain. I am auditing my life and I will not overwhelm myself with lots of to-dos. Instead I am working day by day as I recover from the past few years of trauma. Though I am not quite sure yet but a proper holiday is needed to wash away the past because it is not normal to have not been on holiday for that long.

And I remember my dreams very well, they are not dead – I must awaken or work on them even if reality fights to shatter them before my very own eyes. I am striving to accomplish a lot as well if my hands can only grasp all although sometimes I feel lost and not finding my notch in this life. Despite the glow in my eyes slowly disappearing, there is a silent flame burning in my heart and I know one day my dreams will burst wide open burning all the fears and obstacles around me. I know one day my life will be very important and everyone will know my place in this life.

It’s time to make some changes. I don’t want to be with bad associations ( “Let my soul not enter into their council; Let not my glory be united with their assembly; Because in their anger they slew men, And in their self-will they lamed oxen – Genesis 49:6). I have purposed in my soul and decided in my heart to direct all my energies only to the things of life where I want to spend my life because the life I see is very fast yet I seek a solemn life. I must live for things that matter, the people and associations of value and the faith that lead to eternal life.

I am choosing happiness and taking on holiness. I am auditing my life. All the areas of irregularities, I must sue in the Highest Courts of Heaven for Salvation. And all the loop holes, I must submit to the mercy of God. Anything distancing me from the Throne of God will be surrendered to God for judicial review and eternal incarceration.

As my desire to progress unfolds the light of my remaining days before I join my ancestors, I cannot give in to the subtle decay of anything around me. I am rising above the haze descending toward mass action and fix everything anew. I am auditing my life this day and today. I am taking control of my actions today or my children will pay the innkeepers of tomorrow who are soon taking charge of the next generation’s journey at large trends.

I can see the hope and courage in the strength of my new life and as long as I am, I will be.
As I watch my life grow back, I want to become stronger. I can see my life blossoming like a flower, rising like petals higher and higher. I prophecy to my life and like a flower, I will bloom and prosper as I grow. I will stand as one, but not a lonely soul. The tears will be far from my smile.

The strength to endure this current moment and whatever is happening to me has been revived. No matter how heavy my heart, or how dark the moment may be; I can hear the voice telling me to keep on believing what I know in my heart to be true. And this “Israelite’s’ Egypt” will fade into morning and with this dawn – a new day I have been waiting for. I am auditing my life. It’s audit time. My eyes are able to see what has never been told and I am really striving forth happy, confident and bold. I know it’s a world unfamiliar but it’s friendly and my spirit is sending me into this new life. It’s internal audit time.internal-life-audit-1